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With Community Comes Empowerment

Young Memons is a unique platform solely dedicated to function on a global level to help the youth of Memon community connect and get inspired. We help young people within the community find jobs through Young Memons recruitment portal, stay updated about local and international events and news.

Participate in mentorship programs and counseling sessions, promote leadership initiatives and empower the youth of Memon community.

IMO Young Memon - Mission

  1. To organize students welfare program, including financial and other assistance to needy students.
  2. To take steps to compile statistics on the different aspects of the community life so as to properly comprehend the various problems and to focus the attention of the Community on these problems and their solutions.
  3. To promote and take steps to spread the Islamic ways of life amongst young people in particular and Okhai Memon Community in general.
  4. To commence, receive and administer Funds, including Zakat Fund, for educational and charitable purposes as may be permissible.
  5. To undertake, do and perform all such acts as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the foregoing aims.

About What We Do



Our purpose is to create an online community to help connect our youth with some of the most influential and inspiring members of th community. In addition, make our contribution through empowering and inspiring our youth by helping our youth become the best version of themselves.



Our vision is to adhere to Memon Values while staying committed to the search for new oppurtunities and knowledge for the betterment of the youth of the memon community.



Our Mission of YOUNG MEMONS is to create a one-stop solution for the youth of the memon community where they can come together and be part of something bigger than themselves.

Our strength will grow with the community

We are a reflection of our community

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