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All Pakistan Memon Federation(APMF) and Bantva Memon Jamat(BMJ) (Job Fair Committee) had organized a Job Fair 2019 gala on February 27, 2019 at A.R. Tabba Sports Complex, Muhammad Farooq Motlani Road, Near Islamia College Glob, Karachi. The theme behind the event was to provide opportunity to potential employers and job seekers to interact under one roof with ease and comfort. The event was open house for all without any discrimination of caste, community and creed which was appreciated by every nock and corner of society. Over 80 national and international companies were grace their presence at the whole day extravaganza. More than 10,000 jobseekers had attended the event and 300 plus candidates got hired on spot.

Large number of Memon and Non-Memon dignitaries belongs to every walk of life were also paid a visit throughout the day to boost the moral of organizers as well as the attendees. Huge media coverage was also seen on the occasion by national press and TV channels.