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Does the mere idea of speaking in front of an audience make your heart race?
Most of us feel uncomfortable speaking to groups and avoid speaking in public. The average person ranks the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death. The truth is, this fear could be hurting your professional and personal life.
Young Memons is offering Impact, a one day public speaking workshop that imparts key skills coupled with attitudinal training and practice allowing participants to overcome their fear and become effective and confident public speakers.
The program is intensive and has been structured to get your message across confidently and effectively. Hence, through this customized workshop or goal is to:
Put you at ease in front of a group and eliminate the concept of “fear” altogether from your mind Show you proven methods to deliver a dynamic presentation Build your confidence as a communicator

Overcome fear of public speaking Realize the source of your fear through activities; simulations, and practice sessions, reflections, declamations, and mentoring Become a confident public speaker Show proven methods to deliver a dynamic presentation through overcoming your fear of public speaking and landing as a confident and well-spoken presenter Face audience without hesitation Build confidence as a communicator eliminating the concept of fear from your mind

Key Benefits

  • Set expectations straight by allowing you to understand how merely just learning to speak is not enough, but must be accompanied by an idea worth sharing with the public.
  • Uncover how you can start putting your ideas into actions
  • Understand what role neuroscience plays in helping you to subsequently connect with the audience better.
  • Enable you to get rid of your fears through logical thinking
  • Earn how to utilize the power of storytelling and its techniques to boost your confidence, increase your influence and connect with a wide age bracket of audience.
  • Enable you to get a grasp on various types of structure during a presentation.
  • Enable you to uncover the importance of body language
  • Learn the value of dressing properly and using an open posture.
  • Uncover your potential, know about your strengths, and access you in overcoming your weaknesses

Areas of Focus:
  • Understanding the importance of Public Speaking
  • Build a self-motivated approach
  • Reaching out to audience based on analysis
  • Body Language, gestures
  • Verbal & Non-verbal communication
  • Be a better communicator
  • Confidence & Exposure
  • Who should attend?

The program is designed to meet specific needs of the youth between the ages of 18 to 30

Students & Graduates
  • improve their public speaking skills
  • Lack confidence to speak in front of a crowd
  • Shy and have stage fright
  • Improve their presentation skills

Young Professionals
  • Have rich content while speaking
  • Speak with more confidence
  • Ace their presentation skills
  • Ace their communication skills

Date, Time & Venue will be announced soon, Please stay updated

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